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About Us

The Citizens for a Better Centennial is a group of Centennial residents who are interested in greater government transparency and holding the city of Centennial to a higher standard.

A recent message from a citizen of Centennial:

Hi, I'm a Walnut Hills resident and am very much against additional car dealerships on Arapahoe Road, and plan on signing the petition. I do think many of the problems we experience in Centennial are due to a lack of knowledge about our city council members and their philosophies on what Centennial should be, and voting for these people anyway. If our city council is only representing the interests of big business, then they need to be voted out in the next election. They need to understand that they represent the constituents. We have an election coming up in November. Are any of your city council members up for re-election? Do they have any opponents? If so, now is a good time to contact their opponents and find out where they stand on issues such as these. Vote for people who care about citizens and quality of life, not big business! 


Just a thought from someone who is concerned about the direction Centennial seems to be going in. I see other communities such as Stapleton and Lowry, and they seem to be on the right track to taking into consideration quality of life. – A Walnut Hills Resident

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