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Centennial Medical Center


The above photo shows original two-story plan.

Photo to the left shows the new three-story version

building materials.jpg
site loc plan.jpg
proposed future.jpg

Centennial Medical Center Site Plan - (LU -18-00133) Site Plan for the expansion of Centennial Medical Center at Arapahoe Road and Jordan. The proposed site plan will:

  • Construct a two-story, 61,000 square-foot medical building with accommodations for 20 patient beds that will be attached to the existing two-story, 45,474 square-foot building with new main entrance/lobby, new surgery department, and emergency department renovation.

  • Add 371 parking spaces and additional landscaping.

  • Dedicate 12 feet along the E. Arapahoe Rd. frontage to accommodate future traffic improvements contemplated by the City and CDOT.

  • Construct sidewalk along the E. Arapahoe Rd. frontage.

  • Screening of oxygen tank along E. Arapahoe Rd.

Added services will include: Inpatient and outpatient surgery, four new operating rooms and support structure, endoscopy, new procedural space, 20 inpatient beds (future capacity up to 100). 

The two-story project was approved by City Council on March 18th, 2019.

A Site Plan amendment was proposed July 9th at a Community Meeting to add a third story.

This project is now complete.

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