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The Jones District proposed project

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The proposed LDC amendments would affect all UC districts in the city.

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The Jones District is under new ownership - Brue Baukol Capital Partners who presented their vision of the further development of The Jones District and are asking for LDC zoning amendments and changes to the regulating plan.

To see the Jones District presentation to City Council, click here.


July 10 2019, P&Z approved the LDC amendments.

August 5 2019, City Council approved the LDC amendments with additional language concerning the regulating plan suggested by citizens and council to ensure residential will be built in conjunction with commercial.

UPDATE from the City (October 8, 2019):

In the coming weeks, the Regulating Plan for The Jones District (located generally south of E. Panorama Circle, east of S. Chester Street, west of I-25, and north of IKEA) is scheduled for a public hearing before the City's Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council. A Regulating Plan establishes the network and types of streets in the development; building types; building height ranges; designation of public spaces; the number, general location, and types of residential units, including a development phasing plan to phase the construction of residential uses to coordinate and coincide with the construction of non-residential uses to ensure a mixed use project. The Plan also includes the maximum gross floor area for each of the three districts in a development (Center Subdistrict, General Subdistrict and Edge Subdistrict). If you would like to share your thoughts about the plans for The Jones District, please attend one of the following scheduled public hearings.


November 18, 2019, City Council approved the Regulating Plan Amendment No. 2 and Second Amendment to the Development Agreement. Click here to view presentation and meeting.

As seen on, Vista Towers I & II are already in the works! More information  for the proposed buildings is in the pdf of the sales brochure below.
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