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Legends at Centennial - four-story low-income age restricted "congregate care" development at Parker Road and E. Fair Place, Centennial

Legends at Centennial 4
Legends at Centennial 2
Legends at Centennial 3
Legends at Centennial Site

To see the Legends at Centennial presentation and listen to the City Council meeting, click here.

Legends at Centennial Traffic concerns1
Legends at Centennial Traffic concerns 2

Neighborhood objections:

Arrows in the photos above indicate where the new full access to the development will be - at the bottom of a BLIND HILL

IMG_2919 guard rail.jpg

E. Fair Place should be straightened for safety. The location of future FULL ACCESS entrance to the development is at the narrowest portion of E. Fair Place. All traffic will be turning LEFT.

X in photo above left is the location of entrance.

Photo above right shows the location of the future full access entrance to the development looking east. The X marks the spot where the road narrows drastically.

East bound traffic does not follow the curve, they drive straight through the yellow painted median at high rates of speed and will hit anyone trying to turn left out of the development.

Neighbors who drive this area every day believe that unless this is fixed, it will be extremely dangerous and is a severe safety issue. They are asking the city to make changes now before building begins. They are asking the city to make these changes before there is a FATAL accident here.

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