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Community Meetings - Please attend the Community Meetings for any upcoming projects. This is the only way to have your voice be heard. By the time the project gets to the P&Z Commission and City Council, IT IS TOO LATE!

Village Co-op

An age-restricted, 4-story co-op being built up against a residential neighborhood at Arapahoe and Potomac went to City Council October 15. Council voted YES even though P&Z denied approval.


This project is actually FIVE stories on the existing neighborhood side, 50 FEET from the 1- and 2-story neighborhood housing. Is this what we want our city to do to our neighborhoods?

Do developers have more property rights than homeowners?

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The Jones District

High density residential, office, retail area at Dry Creek. New plans have been presented to council.

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Avalon Bay at Valley Country Club

A proposed large low-income apartment complex in open space flood-plain at Arapahoe Road and Chambers Way. Property is part of Valley Country Club in unincorporated Arapahoe Cty. The county will not allow this building as it is in the Centennial Airport flight path. The City of Centennial denied Valley Country Club's bid for annexation. Centennial land code does not allow blockage of existing mountain views. VCC is currently applying for annexation to Aurora.

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Legends at Centennial

UPDATE: On November 28, 2018 Planning and Zoning approved (only one NO vote.) On December 10, City council voted yes. This project is one block north of Arapahoe Road on the west side of Parker Road. The developer is proposing a four-story, 209 to 230  unit, age restricted, "congregate care" facility.

Surrounding neighborhoods opposed this project due to flood plain issues and the  effect additional traffic will have on the DANGEROUS access to this development.

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The Streets at SouthGlenn

Developers have purchased the Sears and Macy's properties and are proposing high-density residential rentals, office, retail developments. For more information and images,

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District 1 Meeting April 29, 2019 - View the video of this meeting.

Attend your District Meetings! Your council representatives will answer your questions and give you vital information about what is happening in your district. This is another way to have your voice be heard! It is time for citizens to get more involved in their city.
These meetings are usually poorly attended, and yet, citizens are furious about changes they knew nothing about.

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