Village Co-op at Arapahoe and Potomac

CITY COUNCIL voted FOR this monstrosity, again proving developers have more rights than neighborhoods. What will they do to YOUR neighborhood?

The Village Co-op - Arapahoe & Potomac:

4-story (actually is 5 stories with the underground parking) condo complex 50 feet from 2-story neighborhood housing. Is this what we want to do to our neighborhoods? Where else in Centennial is a 5-story building next to homes? Do developers have more property rights than homeowners?

What you DON'T see in the photo below is the DRIVEWAY along the side of the building. Cars will be going in and out along the sides of the homes pictured.

This lot is on a hill ABOVE the pictured neighborhood (Village at Centennial), so ground water and run-off is a critical issue. The neighborhood already has water issues. There is a drainage canal behind the homes on the left of this photo which this neighborhood of 106 homes is required to maintain. There is NO mention of any help in maintaining this drainage. The neighborhood spends a great deal of HOA money for this, with an increase of dues looming. This is irresponsible city planning!!! What will they do to YOUR neighborhood in the interest of "increasing density?"  If you don't think increasing density is a future factor in Centennial planning, read the new Centennial Next Comprehensive Plan.

P&Z voted to not recommend to city council. Those of us who have attended umpteen city council meetings have had to sit through the diatribes from several council members about how the P&Z commission are the experts and we have to follow what they say, blah, blah, blah. Those members have now been exposed as liars. Even though P&Z voted no, those members voted YES. 

This building is actually 5 stories where it is adjacent to existing neighborhoods. The underground parking is only underground along Potomac Street, but then becomes 5 stories above ground on the north and east sides of the lot. This building is 65+ feet tall with decorative towers. It is an unattractive monstrosity along Arapahoe Road! What else will be allowed in the name of development and more tax revenue? - Resident of Algonquin Acres

At the City Council, one of our ELECTED representatives said the neighbors shouldn't worry about the residents of this project looking down into their homes since old people have bad eyesight.

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